EndCovid-19 is the first nonprofit project dedicated exclusively to supporting victims of Coronavirus (Covid-19) as well as the medical professionals around the world who are saving lives every day. 


Our Mission is to help fund emergency medical resources and supplies for Coronavirus victims and medical workers including N95 Masks, Medical Masks, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Respirators, and more.

We aim to distribute our first grants in April.

EndCovid-19 was started by a seasoned group of philanthropists, technology entrepreneurs, military veterans and doctors who are doing their part to help end this crisis.

But we cannot do this without YOU!


We ask that you please donate now to help our fellow citizens and medical heroes by texting FtheVirus to 243725

We also want to thank our corporate partner FtheVirus.org for their support and commitment to helping fund our philanthropic initiatives

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